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When you value your health and you are ready to take action . We are ready to help you with yours goals.

Holistic Medicine:


    The term holistic comes from the Greek holos = totality, globality. From this point of view, the human being is considered as a being formed by an energetic level, an emotional level and a physical level, all of them in permanent interaction, making true healing impossible if an imbalance persists in any of them.

    It is considered that every person should feel like the protagonist of their own healing, for which they should become aware of the meaning that their illness has in the context of their person and their life.

    The general approach is to try to get to the underlying root of the disease rather than just temporarily covering it up with drugs that could potentially bring other side effects.

Un retrato de una persona joven con un anillo en la nariz.



  Reiki is the universal energy.

    The word REIKI is pronounced as it is read and comes from two Japanese kanji: “REI” =Universal “KI”= which means spirit, energy or life force.

    Reiki is the Eastern version of what we in the West call Energy Management

    Being in a Reiki session will give your body extra energy so that it can correctly metabolize what happens to it on any plane.

    Receiving Reiki has such an immediate well-being effect that the use of this technique as an aid to the sick is being accepted among the medical community.

    The energy can be directed to a particular point or only sent to the person's body so that it goes to the affected place, because it is an intelligent energy.


    The learning and practice of this set of techniques can be used to restore the natural balance in a patient or in oneself.

    As well as to exalt our spirit, working in a disciplined way to achieve a much higher level of consciousness.

Dream Analysis:


    Dream analysis consists of a dream analyst, who can be any competent professional, trained in this matter, teaching the person, through different methods, to interpret their own dreams. The analyst will only guide the consultant about his dream.  It is the dreamer who finds the answers to his concerns.

    The most important and the most difficult step when wanting to know the meaning of your dreams is to write them down every day with their respective date.

    What are the expected results of the technique?

It is hoped that with this technique patients will be able to remember and discover aspects of their unconscious that they have forgotten at a conscious level and thus be able to work with it.

mujer durmiente

Regressive Hypnosis:

    Regressive hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that consists of taking the person to their past to relive certain important events with the aim of discovering relevant events and working on them.

    The person has access to those resources that he had when he was a child and his mind did not harbor so many conscious limitations that an adult has. The child learns a series of difficult things little by little without considering that he cannot do it and integrates everything into his unconscious.

    In this way, more reliable, more objective information is obtained, and it is more useful for the real resolution of situations in your current life.

Ojos cerrados

The Akashic Records:

    They are an ancestral tool, which throughout history the main cultures, civilizations and spiritual traditions have made reference to them.

    Accessing this information can help us in the present moment to understand what is happening to us, the origin of our problems and blockages, of the situations and conflicts that are repeated in our lives and prevent us from moving forward. It helps us understand that everything we live has a lesson for us.

    The Akashic Records give us a new vision, from LOVE and UNDERSTANDING, which can help us dissolve those conflicts, bringing to our present life what our soul needs to evolve.

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